Code Enforcement and Building Services

Code Enforcement


The mission of Code Compliance is to encourage voluntary compliance and avoid punitive actions, also known as citations. Some situations may require immediate action or citation to achieve the ultimate goal of compliance.


Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing codes which address health and safety issues. This includes regulations related to trash and debris, high grass and weeds, restrictions of view, zoning, and inoperable vehicles on private property. These services help to improve and stabilize neighborhoods, protect property values, and promote a healthier and safer environment. 

Mosquito Control

Due to the large amount of rain we have received this Spring, it is anticipated that mosquitoes will become more of a problem. There has already been reported cases of West Nile Virus in North Texas this year. Because of this, we must take steps to prevent the disease which starts with making sure we are all taking steps to keep mosquitoes from breeding around our homes and businesses.

For more information on how to do this, please click here for information posted by the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA).

For personal protection, please go to the Lamar County Health Department website for tips on how to better protect yourself from bites.

More resources can be found with the following links: 

Paris/ Lamar County Health Department

Center for Disease Control- West Nile Virus page

Texas Department of State Health Services

Weeds, Junk, and other Rubbish

Tall grass and weeds, junk such as junk vehicles, or an over accumulation of rubbish is also governed under Reno City Ordinance Chapter 6 Health and Sanitation. To view the city ordinances please visit this link.

Building Services


Permit applications are available at City Hall. City Ordinance requires permits for new construction, signs, portable buildings/carports and some remodeling projects.

Please call us at (903) 785-6581 or come by City Hall if you are unsure a permit is needed. Please refer to the fee schedule for building permit fees.


If you have received a permit and are ready for an inspection, please call (903) 785-6581 and schedule the inspection with City Hall. It is the property owner’s responsibility to schedule inspections with the City.